Hot Water Heater Installation & Oil Tanks in Suffolk County, NY

At Burner King, we carry the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient equipment in the industry. With dependable electric and gas hot water heaters, oil tanks, and other home heating equipment, we do everything possible to keep you and your loved ones warm during chilly winters in Suffolk County, NY. We carry boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and oil tanks to meet your needs.

Benefits of Oil Tanks vs Gas Heating

Some of our customers prefer oil whereas others prefer gas to power their home heating systems. Take a moment to review the benefits of using oil and gas as energy resources in your home. For further questions regarding your specific system, contact our team of experts.
Benefits of Using Oil

• One of the most abundant and widely available energy resources 
• Easy to transport and use in liquid form
• Has a high heating value and low cost
• Relatively inexpensive compared to other energy resources
• Relies on existing infrastructure for production, refinement, and use
• Non-explosive and therefore safe
• Does not require new technology for extraction and use
Benefits of Using Gas

• Burns cleaner than other fossil fuels
• Emits 70% less carbon dioxide compared to other fossil fuels
• Less of a pollutant to air and water sources
• Fewer impurities than other energy resources
• Does not produce soot, odors, or ash
• Abundant and convenient supply
• Economical and efficient
• Has a high heating value
• Inexpensive compared to other energy resources
• An added odorant makes it easy to detect and fix leaks

Oil Tank Manufacturers

We carry heating equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our technicians would be more than happy to offer a recommendation based on your home’s system and heating needs. Review products from the following companies:
Call us today at (631) 708-3391 for a free estimate on installation or replacement of your gas or electric hot water heater, boiler, or oil tank in the Suffolk County region.
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