Oil to Gas Conversions 

Save Money on Long Island

Thinking about converting your home’s heating from oil to gas? You’re in luck! Burner King offers oil to gas conversions on Long Island. Save thousands by upgrading your heating system today. Contact us by clicking here

So why should you convert your home to gas? 

Unlike oil which is delivered in a truck, natural gas is piped into your house by the local utility company. This means, to make the switch, you have to have a gas main under your street, but you’re in luck! Most, if not all streets, have a gas line under them, making the switch even easier. 

How much will the hookup cost? 

There are two aspects to the connection process when converting to gas; the inside and outside of the home. The utility company will handle running an underground pipe from the gas main to your house where they will then install a meter. Burner King will handle the second part of the job which requires us installing a pipe from your new gas meter to your heating plant (either your furnace or boiler). 

Any Other Costs?

Yes, we may have to line your chimney during the process, as moisture in the gas exhaust can cause damage to your chimney’s masonry. However, if you go with one of our more high-efficiency gas systems, the liner may not be necessary. Also, while it’s not required for you to do so, Burner King will happily remove your oil tank for a small fee. 

Still on the fence about converting your home to natural gas? 

Natural gas has lower carbon emissions than oil, so it’s better for the environment. A natural gas line also has been known to help homeowners cut their energy costs. While it may be costly to make the switch initially, it will help lower your heating costs in the long run. 

Want to get started? Contact Burner King today!

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